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Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer

Richmond, VA

Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

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Multi-Tiered Approach

I use a multi-tiered approach to treat every client and their dog as unique individuals, and provide tailored Dog Training and Behavior Consulting services according to their own needs.

We help you understand your dog's breed and their needs as an individual, making sure breed and species specific needs are met and finding ways to enrich your dog’s life to minimize common problem behaviors.

We look at behavior as a barometer of their welfare, and provide a deeper understanding your dog's behavior and body language and what they are telling us. 

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Modern Dog Training Methods

I am a force free dog trainer using Modern, Evidence Based Dog Training Methods to help you and your dog live harmoniously.  We teach your dog the skills they need to navigate our world with guidance from you, and help them build confidence and resiliency.


Kindness Matters

I strive to use the kindest, Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive, methods available. I use non-judgmental teaching methods to help you understand your dog. 

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