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Private Lessons

In-Home, Virtual, Discounted New Puppy/New Rescue, and Out and About Private Lessons

Private Lessons are a great option when there are multiple behaviors that need to be addressed, or if your dog is nervous/reactive. With Private Lessons, I can tailor training and behavior modification to your specific needs, and meeting in your home helps give me an understanding of your dog's specific environment.

In-Person Private Lessons

In Home, Out & About, A la Carte, & Packages!

1.5 hours - $160- Choose this plan for a simple manners lesson to set your pup up for success!

***additional 30 minutes available for multi-dog households with $50 fee

2 hours - $225- focus on aggressive behavior issues and develop training or behavior modification plan

*Behavior Modification for aggression issues is only available with a 2 hour Private Lesson for Initial Consult

**additional fee for travel more than 20 minutes from 23225.

A la Carte Lessons - after your initial lesson, you can schedule a one hour session for $90 out and about at a local park or $100 in home. We recommend lessons at least twice a month, and going no longer than 30 days between appointments. 

Lesson Packages - after initial Private Lesson - this ensures we both want to continue to work together - I prefer to schedule these within 1-2 weeks of your initial appointment. 

4 x 1 hour follow-ups - $350

8 x 1 hour follow-ups - $690


New Puppy/New Rescue Private Lesson

Starting You Off On The Right Foot (And Paw!)

We will help you get ready for a successful life with your new puppy or new rescue pup. This is for puppies 4 months and under or recently adopted pups (within 3 months of requesting to schedule the appointment). 

***This pricing is for the first lesson only

New Puppy 1.5 Hour Private Lesson - $150- focuses on common puppy behaviors, what to expect, and set you up for success!

New Rescue 1.5 Hour Private Lesson - $140- focuses on common issues with introducing a new rescue dog to the home, and any known/existing issues.

-Fosters are welcome to the rescue pricing structure as well. 


Virtual Private Lessons

Great for the busy pet parent on a budget!

Virtual Private Lessons are a great option because it gives the grown-ups time to go over the basics without your dog getting bored. It's also helpful for dogs who are reactive or aggressive towards strangers. 

It's convenient, you don't have to clean the house, and it gives you the ability to train your dog yourself with real time guidance and feedback from your trainer. It can be helpful for those with dogs that are fearful or reactive to humans as well, as I can give you tools to train your dog without having adding stress to you and your dog. It's also great to prep high energy dogs prior to a group manners/obedience class with virtual training. 

Initial Virtual Lesson - 1 .5 Hours  - $115

A la Carte 1 Hour Virtual Lessons - $75 - Available after your first session 

Packages - Great for on-going feedback for behavior modification


3 x 1 Hour Virtual Lessons - $210

6 x 1 Hour Virtual Lessons - $410


Dogs & Baby Prep

Initial Virtual Session

Are you or your partner/spouse expecting?  Are you nervous about how your dog will react to the arrival of your baby? This session provides education on how to start preparing your dog now for the arrival of your baby! 

1 hour & 45 Minutes - $125

In person A la carte or packages for lessons in person, Out & About, or virtual available after first session. 

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